Turning the W221 S-Class into the W222

If going from your old W221 S-Class to the new-generation W222 model the old fashioned way is too much of a financial burden, try this on for size. According to Englishrussia, this garage resides in Ukraine and while it may not look to be on the same level as say a 'West Coast Customs', it will get the job done. Unfortunately we don't know how much this transformation cost ultimately, but it could have been as much as 10 times cheaper than selling a used W221 S-Class and then putting up the difference to buy a brand new one. The images take us through the dismantling and re-building process and in the end it's hard to knock the finished product for looking like anything other than a brand new flagship Mercedes-Benz. One issue to consider though is the interior, which could indeed be modified, but it would require even more technical expertise than the exterior. That being said, how does riding in a W222 S-Class with a W221 interior sound? (Source: Carscoops - Sergiu Tudose)







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