Hidden Treasure - Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing.

The colorful vintage cars that survive on Cuba's roads continue to fascinate automotive fans around the world. Automotive photographer Piotr Degler's new book "Carros de Cuba" chronicles his trip there in 2014 and collects over 200 of his best images from the journey. He found two hidden treasures, a 300SL gullwing and 300SL roadster. 

Piotr Degler was not the first to discover the 300SL. Miguel Llorente from This European Life was the first to search and find them. He got lucky in a little town called El Cano. This are his words when he first saw the Gullwing: "There it was, right in my face. Crusty, disintegrating, broken in half, but a Gullwing nonetheless. It just lay there, surrounded by home building debris and miscellaneous clothing, completely ignored, rusted into oblivion, as if its glorious history did not matter. My jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes became cloudy: I had found the lost Mercedes both the Gullwing and the roadster and I could not care less if they were for sale or not, which they weren't".



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