6.3 Quintet

A group of Euro classics turned up on craigslist in northeastern Colorado in 2015. Randall Faris, a longtime Mercedes sedan enthusiast, had been looking for either a Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 or the later 450SEL 6.9. He was at his home in Wyoming when his brother-in-law, Scott Milewski, called from Ft. Collins, Co., about 350 miles away and read him an ad from craigslist for five 6.3’s. And these weren’t parts cars or fixer-uppers. The quintet of Mercedes uber-sedans had belonged to a wealthy cattleman who passed away in 1994. A grandson was handling the sale of the cars, which had been stored in climate-controlled storage buildings for 45 years and apparently not driven for the last 20 or so. Not surprisingly, the craigslist ad was generating a lot of interest. “My brother-in-law had just 20 minutes to look at cars and make a decision,” said Faris. What Milewski saw was a group of cars covered in dust, but with no rust, and with interiors in very good condition. The decision to buy became a partnership between Milewski and Faris, who agreed that they’d probably keep one each and sell the other three. “We got them home on trailers over a couple of days,” said Faris. “We cleaned them up and were astounded by the beautiful condition. There were no dents in the bodies, and the interiors were very nice. One car had a couple of rips on front seats, but that was it.”





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