Not your average SL.

It all started with a question. Can the iconic R107SL be brought more up to date with modern performance standards? After restoring, repairing and maintaining a good number of the cars, The people at The SL Shop found customers asking the same sort of questions. Located in Redditch, England, their goal was to get more power without losing the character of the car. With the driver in mind, the SportLine project was born. SportLine has been developed to make the most of the hugely capable Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder engine. With SportLine, they have created a 107 SL that drives, handles and responds in a way you never knew an SL could. By drawing on their huge wealth of experience with the model they’ve pushed the boundaries of what the 107 SL can do, and created a car that will appeal to enthusiastic drivers, collectors and connoisseurs. Using the 300SL as a base, they lightened the crank and flywheel, ported and polished the cylinder head, installed a performance camshaft and replaced the ignition and fueling with modern components. The in-house team were able to shorten the throttle linkage, which transforms the way the 3.0 six-cylinder responds through the gears. With a custom exhaust and manifold, the 300SL SportLine produces 255bhp - more than a factory standard 500SL. Braking is improved by using ventilated and grooved discs with uprated pads, while the entire chassis is transformed with uprated polyurethane bushes throughout. Larger, lighter, wider alloy wheels complete the handling package, with modern performance tires. The exterior styling of the SportLine is subtle, with neat details helping the car to stand apart. With it’s newly refined suspension configuration, the SportLine sits 80mm lower than a standard R107SL, with the wider wheels contributing to the aggressive yet subtle stance.


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